Is argan oil good for your hair?

What does argan oil do for your hair?

Add a few drops of culinary argan oil to your salad, pasta or breakfast and you will quickly notice that it makes your hair softer, stronger and fuller. Research has shown that argan oil promotes hair growth, in addition to its many other health benefits. That’s why this golden secret of Morocco has become so widely popular. Read on to find out how argan oil promotes hair growth.



Argan oil is rich in healthy fatty acids, especially oleic and linoleic acid, which have been proven to help your hair retain moisture. The high levels of vitamin E help prevent your hair from drying out and promote the moisture balance in the rest of your body. Good hydration stimulates hair growth and as a welcome side effect, your hair become shiny without feeling greasy.


Healthy scalp

Did you know that various skin conditions can lead to hair loss? Examples include psoriasis and seborrheic eczema. Argan oil can help treat these conditions, as its high levels of vitamin E have an anti-inflammatory and antioxidating effect. This also makes argan oil effective against dandruff.


Protection from heat and hair-colouring treatments

The fatty acids in argan oil create a protective layer on your hair against the heat of a hairdryer or styler. This helps prevent dry, dull or damaged hair and split ends. Do you dye your hair? Apply argan oil regularly after colouring treatments to reduce the damage caused by hair dye. Using argan oil helps prevent hair loss and breakage.


Culinary argan oil for your hair

You might be familiar with cosmetic argan oil as a hair product, like a hair mask or conditioner. But culinary argan oil also works wonders! Drizzle it over salads, pastas or rice dishes to strengthen your hair from the inside out.

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Do you tend to lose a lot of hair? Argan oil prevents hair loss and promotes hair growth. People in Morocco have known this for centuries: argan oil improves your health, makes your skin glow and stimulates hair growth. It’s no wonder, then, that argan oil is a widely used ingredient in serums and creams. Pure argan oil should be used to achieve the best possible results.

Culinary argan oil

Enhance your dishes with Atlas Argan’s culinary argan oil. In Morocco, they’ve known the secret of this exclusive oil with its rich, full flavour for centuries. Use our culinary argan oil made according to an authentic family recipe for your dressings, pastas, salads, chicken and fish. Success guaranteed.

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Our single-filtered culinary argan oil is 100% pure and hand-pressed from roasted argan seeds of the highest quality. We filter our traditional Moroccan argan oil only once after pressing it and letting it settle.

The meticulous production process takes place under the most hygienic conditions. Our exclusive culinary argan oil contains no added preservatives, additives and flavourings.

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