Cosmetic Argan Oil – 100% Pure


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Atlas Argan offers a range of organic cosmetic products made from 100% pure argan oil. This exclusive argan oil is the multi-purpose Moroccan secret to personal care. Cosmetic argan oil repairs, nourishes and protects your skin and hair. It contains everything you need to shine!

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For healthy and youthful skin

Pure argan oil contains high levels of fatty acids that create a moisturising protective layer on your skin. It also contains many antioxidants and natural nutrients for your cells.

The ingredients in cosmetic argan oil:
✓ repair your skin
✓ keep your skin hydrated and smooth
✓ protect your skin from dryness, cold and other environmental influences

Argan oil also contains vitamin E, which promotes cell renewal. It reduces fine lines and wrinkles and makes your skin look younger than ever before.

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For healthy and youthful skin

Cosmetic argan oil works well for skin conditions such as acne, eczema and psoriasis. It relieves itching and redness and makes your skin softer. The high levels of vitamin E: ✓ have a cleansing effect ✓ have antibacterial properties ✓ increase the resilience of your skin Its cell-regenerative properties also make cosmetic argan oil perfect for use on scars and stretch marks.