Culinary argan oil


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Enhance your dishes with Atlas Argan’s culinary argan oil. In Morocco, they’ve known the secret of this exclusive oil with its rich, full flavour for centuries. Use our culinary argan oil made according to an authentic family recipe for your dressings, pastas, salads, chicken and fish. Success guaranteed.

Order now to experience how culinary argan oil can take your cooking to new heights.


100% pure and organic

Our single-filtered culinary argan oil is 100% pure and hand-pressed from roasted argan seeds of the highest quality. We filter our traditional Moroccan argan oil only once after pressing it and letting it settle.

The meticulous production process takes place under the most hygienic conditions. Our exclusive culinary argan oil contains no added preservatives, additives and flavourings.


Exclusively from Morocco

In southern Morocco, argan oil is a traditional ingredient in many dishes. Mix a few tablespoons of culinary argan oil into salads, pastas or stews for a delicious, rich flavour. Highly versatile and flavour enhancing, the ways to use argan oil in your cooking are almost endless. Its nutty flavour also pairs very well with fish and chicken. Please note: argan oil loses its flavour and vitamins at temperatures above 60 degrees. This makes it unsuitable for use as cooking oil.