Skin problems? Discover the healing power of argan oil

Where does argan oil come from?

Argan oil comes from Morocco, where the argan tree grows. The seeds of this tree are pressed into pure argan oil with high levels of vitamin E, omega fatty acids, potassium and magnesium. The combination of antioxidants, minerals and healthy fats helps restore the natural balance of your skin. That’s why argan oil has been the Moroccan secret to treating skin conditions for centuries.


Argan oil for acne treatment

Recurring pimples and blackheads are a common skin problem, and not just among teenagers. Pure argan oil is an effective remedy for all types of acne, including psoriasis and rosacea. The unsaturated fatty acids in argan oil balance oily skin; the minerals neutralise the bacteria that cause pimples and other problems. Vitamin E also reduces the appearance of spots and scars and gives you beautifully smooth skin.


How to use argan oil as a treatment against acne

Apply the oil in the evening on washed, moist skin. This will allow your skin to absorb all the nutrients properly. As argan oil has a fine structure, it’s quickly absorbed and won’t leave your skin feeling greasy.


Argan oil to treat eczema

Due to its high antioxidant content, argan oil works wonders against inflammation and allergens without irritating your skin. The high levels of vitamin E ensure healthy moisture levels in your skin. This helps prevent eczema.


How to use argan oil as a treatment against eczema

Apply a few drops of argan oil to the red spots and the surrounding skin twice a day. Keep doing this consistently to prevent the eczema from returning.


Argan oil to treat skin inflammation

The antibacterial agents in argan oil, including polyphenols and squalene, help reduce skin inflammation. They also work against fungal infections. Rub a few drops of oil between your hands to warm it before applying it to the affected skin.

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Do you have sensitive skin or suffer from skin conditions like acne or eczema? You’ve probably already tried dozens of skin care products and know all too well that finding one that works is not easy. Argan oil can offer a solution. It’s all natural and has a proven effect on various skin conditions. Read on to find out how argan oil can help heal your skin.

Cosmetic Argan Oil – 100% Pure

Atlas Argan offers a range of organic cosmetic products made from 100% pure argan oil. This exclusive argan oil is the multi-purpose Moroccan secret to personal care. Cosmetic argan oil repairs, nourishes and protects your skin and hair. It contains everything you need to shine!

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Pure argan oil contains high levels of fatty acids that create a moisturising protective layer on your skin. It also contains many antioxidants and natural nutrients for your cells.

The ingredients in cosmetic argan oil:
✓ repair your skin
✓ keep your skin hydrated and smooth
✓ protect your skin from dryness, cold and other environmental influences

Argan oil also contains vitamin E, which promotes cell renewal. It reduces fine lines and wrinkles and makes your skin look younger than ever before.

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