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The differences between cosmetic and culinary argan oilThe differences between cosmetic and culinary argan oil

How is argan oil produced?

Argan oil is made from the seeds of the rare argan tree, which only grows in southwest Morocco. The seeds inside the argan fruit are rich in oil. To extract this oil, they are traditionally pressed.


The difference: roasted or not

And that’s where we find the difference between the two types of argan oil: for culinary argan oil, the seeds are roasted first; for cosmetic argan oil, they aren’t. Roasting is what gives the oil its delicious, nutty flavour. It also results in a subtle colour difference: cosmetic argan oil has a slightly lighter shade than the culinary version.

No nutrients are lost in the roasting and pressing process. Cosmetic and culinary argan oil hold an equal amount of omega fatty acids, vitamin E, potassium and magnesium. These ingredients give you glowing skin, soft hair, a strong immune system and other health benefits.


How do you use cosmetic argan oil?

Cosmetic argan oil can be used in a surprising number of ways. It’s a body lotion, hand cream, hair mask, conditioner, styling product and lip balm all in one.


What does argan oil do for your hair?

You can use argan oil as daily hair care. A few drops on your hair ends will make your hair soft and shiny again and protect it from the heat of your hairdryer or straightener. Distribute the oil throughout your hair, from the ends to the scalp, and leave it in for at least thirty minutes before rinsing with shampoo. You can also leave argan oil in overnight by wrapping your hair in a towel.


Cosmetic argan oil for your skin

Argan oil softens your skin without making it feel greasy. The oil is best absorbed by moist skin. It’s therefore best to use the oil during or after showering, or to first wash your face or hands with lukewarm water. Massage the oil into your skin in circular motions. Are you a bath person? Add a few drops of argan oil to your bath water. You won’t need your body lotion, moisturiser or hand cream!

If you use any other products, apply them to your skin for at least five minutes before using the argan oil. This will allow the oil to be properly absorbed.


How do you use culinary argan oil?

Culinary argan oil is versatile, healthy and flavourful. Add a few drops of culinary argan oil to a salad, pasta, rice or couscous dish for a full flavour of sesame and nut. Or drizzle it over an avocado, dessert or fresh fruit. Also delicious: our traditional Amlou, made from almonds, honey and argan oil.

Please note: argan oil should not be heated above 60 degrees. It will lose its healthy fats and flavour and may even become bitter. That’s why you shouldn’t use argan oil as a cooking oil or for baking.


Where can I buy pure argan oil?

Atlas Argan in Leiden sells 100% pure argan oil of the highest quality. Order cosmetic argan oil, culinary argan oil or traditional Amlou from our online store now.

Argan oil has many health benefits, whether you use it for cooking or for body care. It makes your skin and hair glow and turns your couscous, salads and other meals into wonderful, healthy dishes. There is a slight difference between cosmetic argan oil and culinary argan oil, though. Read on to find out what it is.

Culinaire Arganolie

Verrijk je gerechten met de culinaire arganolie van Atlas Argan. In Marokko kennen ze het geheim van deze exclusieve olie met zijn rijke, nootachtige smaak al eeuwen. Gebruik onze culinaire arganolie volgens authentiek recept voor jouw dressings, pasta’s, salades, kip en vis. Succes gegarandeerd!

Bestel nu en ervaar wat culinaire arganolie met jouw gerechten kan doen.



Onze culinaire arganolie is een 100% pure arganolie, op ambachtelijke wijze geperst uit geroosterde arganzaden van de allerbeste kwaliteit. De olie wordt slechts één keer gefilterd (bezinking, eerste persing).

Het zorgvuldige productieproces vindt plaats onder de meest hygiënische omstandigheden. Aan onze exclusieve culinaire arganolie worden geen conserveringsmiddelen, geur-, kleur- of smaakstoffen toegevoegd.

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