What is argan oil?

There is a reason why argan oil is known as ‘Moroccan liquid gold’: pure argan oil is not just very exclusive, but also incredibly healthy. This unique oil, cold-pressed from the seeds of the rare argan tree, has been used in Morocco for generations. For eating – to dip bread into, or to drizzle on couscous – but also as a cosmetic product. Argan oil has a healing and strengthening effect on skin and hair.


Delicious and healthy

The seeds of the argan tree are rich in antioxidants, minerals and healthy fats. If you grind and then press the seeds, they release an oil packed with these beneficial ingredients. We use a custom-designed press to press the ground seeds at low temperature. We then filter the oil that is released to a pure, golden liquid. When we make culinary argan oil, we toast the seeds before grinding them. This process perfectly preserves the nutrients and the authentic, rich taste.


From Morocco to Leiden

To purchase and process the best seeds, we travel to Morocco ourselves. Our years of experience have taught us exactly which seeds to select. We buy directly from farmers and pay a fair price, contributing to their economic independence. We supervise every step of our product’s journey, from seed selection at the farms in Morocco to the traditional pressing process and transport to Leiden. This is how we can guarantee the quality and authenticity of our argan oil.


100% organic and premium quality

We press our cosmetic argan oil at a temperature below 30 °C, which is called cold-pressing. Culinary argan oil is pressed at approximately 55 °C. This method preserves the taste and quality and ensures that none of the natural benefits are lost in processing. After pressing it, we let the oil settle for two days. Finally, we filter the oil with a compressor. The result is crystal-clear and 100% pure argan oil of the highest quality.


Your journey starts here

Are you interested in our exclusive, 100% pure argan oil and argan oil products? Your journey to beauty and health starts with Atlas Argan. Order cosmetic or culinary argan oil and deliciously scented products for your home from our online store. You are also more than welcome to come test and taste our argan oil at our shop in Leiden.

So, if you’ve been wondering where to buy pure argan oil, look no further!

Go on a journey with our experts

We have made it our mission to introduce the world to pure Argan. That’s why we teach how Argan can enrich your life.

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#Expertadvice     #AtlasCulinair